All sanctions controlled.

Sanctions compliance is a legal requirement for all businesses. We support you with a secure, simple and audit-proof sanction screening service!

Pricing Features

Sanctions Search List

Sanctions Detail

Details of a match

Sanctions Search Settings

How We Work

We handle sanctions compliance in an innovative and user-friendly way.
You can start using our service within minutes.

Screen Business Partners

Use our web-based search to screen your business partners. You can also do this via our easy-to-use API.

Check Potential Matches

Our software identifies potential matches for you, allowing you to check those names and document your decision within our software.

Risk Mitigated!

With our comprehensive audit history, you can easily demonstrate that you have done your compliance homework!


Fuzzy Search

Identify all sanctions. To spot misspelled names, we implement a state-of-the-art fuzzy search mechanism based on the Levenshtein distance.

Multi-List Support

Search in all relevant lists at once. Currently, we support the SDN lists of Ofac, the EU and the UN.


Avoid manual work by adding false positives to a whitelist

File based screening

Efficiently screen names from your Excel file. The results are available as an Excel download as well.


$ 99/mo

Help us to shape our software.
In return, you will receive our services for free! This plan
will be available to a limited number of adopters.

1000 Name screenings/month
12 Month History
All Sanction Lists

Start 14 days trial


$ $ 299/mo

Full sanctions compliance for your company

10000 Name screenings/month
24 Month History
All Sanction Lists

Coming soon


$ $ 999/mo

Enterprise Plan with SLAs and audit support

100000 Name screenings/month
36 Month History
All Sanction Lists

Coming soon

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